The Student Engagement Summit is a one-day event designed to elicit input and engagement from a diverse range of stakeholders, which will include presentations, formal and informal discussions, a poster session, and lunch with multiple opportunities for networking and sharing of information. The Student Engagement Summit will feature expert speakers from academia and the Penn State community. Join professionals from across the Commonwealth in interactive breakout sessions and plenaries to:

  • Learn about Penn State student engagement efforts, programming/events, and projects
  • Determine how Penn State can support needs across the realm of student engagement
  • Identify societal challenges, from now into the future, and from Pennsylvania to the world
  • Build partnerships and relationships to help tackle student engagement challenges

Student engagement is a powerful educational experience that connects students more closely to their peer groups, improves their grades, and prepares them to participate in the community.

Eric J. Barron

President, Penn State University